Friday, November 19, 2010

Buxton or Bust!

My sweet little miss thang is positively convinced I need a Buxton Bag. She saw a commercial and was completely persuaded that this "bag" will improve my  life. Just like the lady on TV.  

I do often have a hard time finding my keys. I admit. And sometimes my phone - if I miss the little phone pocket and it falls into the abyss.

I hope it is abundantly clearly, given my now obvious taste in handbags, that I have absolutely no interest in a hideous, utilitarian, black, wouldn't-be-caught-dead-wearing-it-over-my-shoulder-organizing Buxton Bag. 

Lost keys notwithstanding. 

But darling little miss thang wants to get it for me for Christmas. She is ecstatic about finding the perfect gift. And I know that joy. I felt it when purchasing a cashmere wrap for a friend {for an incredible price I might add}. It is a joyous feeling knowing you gave someone you love a wonderful gift. And thus, the cliche -- the joy of giving!

Oh joy. 

So I am absolutely *mortified* at the thought that the hubs may most certainly will encourage this plan simply to see the look on my face when I open the "gift." He is a little sick that way. And I'm certain the $19.95 price will not dissuade him one bit. In fact, I fear he wants to see if I am willing to humble myself completely {as if motherhood hasn't already done that in 5000 other ways} or absolutely crush my sweet little miss thang.  

I must ask, dear readers: How far are you willing to go for your kids? Would you carry a Buxton Bag if it made your little thang happy? 

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