Monday, June 28, 2010

Super what?

Who ever thought I could / would spend so much time on the topic of sunscreen.  Are you completely done with this line of discussion?  Well, my friends, I am almost there with you.  

My darling husband reminded me yesterday that I went through this same panic years ago and purchased a large pump dispenser of Dr. T's Supergoop!  He still had some of the individual sized bottles in his golf bag.  Yes, I suppose I do still have that large pump in my bathroom.  Why had this slipped my mind?  Why had I again started buying sunscreen at the grocery store checkout line?  I blame these lapses on childbearing.  My mind truly has never been the same.  

So, I dusted off the bottle of Supergoop and looked at the ingredients afresh, now armed with my up-to-date knowledge of toxic chemicals and stability issues. At first blush I was pleased.  I then plugged it into the EWG's sunscreen rating system and noted it received an acceptable rating of 3.  Other sunscreens, however, receive a better rating.  I mentioned Badger in yesterday's post.  It seems to receive the best rating -- 1.  

Of course, I want to purchase the "best" for my family, but the Badger sunscreen only comes in 2.9 ounce tubes as far as I can tell.  Properly slathering my entire family for a day at the beach would likely consume an entire 2.9 ounce tube.   

I would simply prefer to buy in bulk!  Which is clearly why I purchased Supergoop in the first place.  They sell a 24 ounce pump dispenser for $68.  You can refill a spray bottle 5 times from the large pump dispenser.  The spray is not a mist spray, but still lotion.  I spray into my hands and slather from there.  They also sell single application tubes which come in handy -- throw one in your handbag, car, etcetera so you always have sunscreen on hand for the unexpected stop at the park. 

So once again life has once again brought me full circle.  I have restocked the exact same sunscreen I purchased two years ago.  In 2012 when I begin this rant again, would someone be so kind to remind me I am again running in circles?! 

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