Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ditch That Itch!

Simply passing this along from one of my favorite FB "friends."

This stuff has worked on every mosquito bite this week...
Olive Oil, Cleavers, Chickweed & Beeswax
Massachusetts, USA

Mosquitoes are bad, worse than ever thanks to global warming I figure! I have been bitten up and down the coast in more places and more times than I can count. I noticed they have been going for the fingers this year. I favor natural products and while we were driving around Massachusetts and being swarmed I needed a new remedy as ours was not holding up. I caught site of Ditch That Itch! and decided ok, why not give it a go. Not only does it work but it really works, I mean really, really. Berkshires mosquito bites be gone! We went on to visit my friend on the North Shore; all of us were scratching at the table and everyone was complaining so I decided to share (after holding out for two days of selfishness, these products require rationing if you only have one small jar!). Again, itch be gone! All of the picky chicks around the table were in awe and if they were not immediately converted they soon jumped on the bandwagon. I currently consider this to be the perfect hostess gift, I am writing this at the end of September in New York City and we still have plenty of mosquitoes, some things never go out of fashion. Smells like beeswax.

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