Tuesday, August 7, 2012

North Carolina summer camps.

I may be a Texan, but I've spent the last few weeks in North Carolina and am officially adopting it as my summer home.  If you've ever spent summer in Texas you would not blame me. Not one bit!  

The original impetus for this summer relocation was my desire to send my children to summer camp somewhere a little further from home. I wanted them to experience a different landscape; not to mention cool evenings and daytime highs short of the the triple digits!

Last summer Little Miss Thang enjoyed her first camp experience in North Carolina. As expected, she thrived and begged to return! So we quickly went to work finding a similar experience for Boy Genius. Thankfully {after turning to the Internet} we were able to find the perfect spot for him nearby.

My kids love camp, both their sleep away camp experiences and day camps they've enjoyed through the years! Art camps, sport camps, academic camps, and residential camps -- we've done them all!
camp, North Carolina summer camp
Boy Genius clearly loving his North Carolina camp experience. 
If you live in North Carolina or, like me, simply desire to relocate for a few glorious weeks each year, you'll find a comprehensive listing of day, residential, and specialty camps in North Carolina at Carolina Summer Camps

You can also check out the city specific links below:

Asheville Summer Camps, Cary Summer Camps, Charlotte Summer Camps, Durham Summer Camps, Raleigh Summer Camps, Greensboro Summer CampsWilmington Summer Camps, and Winston-Salem Summer Camps.

So, anyone want to join me next summer?

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