Monday, August 27, 2012

Dinner this week.

Well, this happened this morning. 

And I enjoyed every single minute of it. 

Right up until Sunday around four o'clock. 

And then I was just done and ready to have a free minute to myself. 

So today - the first day of school - came just in time. 

And while I'm not entirely organized yet, I have done just enough planning and prep to have a a few yummy back-to-school dinners up my sleeve. 

I'm going to let the roasted cherry tomato cappellini stand alone -- no protein added.  I'm starting to cut animal protein from our meals at least two nights a week.  The corn and avocado salad, however, will be served as a side with our "crispy chicken" -- yes, fried protein to make up for those protein free meals.

Baby steps.   

It's bound to be a busy week. And I'm secretly still hoping we'll continue our lazy-dinner-after-late-afternoon-swimming routine.

But probably not.

So, on the crazy chance that I'll need to actually cook more than two nights this week, I also have all ingredients on hand for a favorite stand-by:  pesto orecchiette with chicken sausage. But after that, I think I'll need a break from all the routine and structure.

Baby steps.

So, what's on the back-to-school menu at your house? 

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