Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heaven for little girls.

All lives will be filled with tears and trials, sickness and pain. Sometimes, however, we allow the "bad" to define us. We allow unkind words to guide our thoughts of ourselves. We allow an unfortunate incident to define our feelings. This is not God's plan for our lives. God wants us to rise above the "bad"  and define ourselves as he does: Fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139.

After Little Miss Thang broke her arm in mid-July, I was concerned it would ruin her summer. I quite plainly assumed it would define the summer of 2011. After all, she certainly would not be able to enjoy camp with a broken arm. She, however, did not allow this small misfortune to define her or her summer plans. She did indeed rise above the "bad."

Ten days ago I dropped Little Miss Thang off at Camp Greystone. I've been anxiously flipping through literally thousands of pictures each and every day looking for a glimpse into her world. A clue as to how she is doing. And perchance, a smile to settle my heart. I've also been following the camp blog with  impressive diligence. I love hearing about the amazing special activities planned each day and what is being served at each meal {knowing full well my picky eater must be eating a lot of fruit and salad because there is no way she had a vegetable fritatta for breakfast this morning}. 

I've followed all this because it brings me a bit of peace - being in touch with her world, albeit only slightly, softens the blow. 

What I've discovered, though, in watching it all so closely is what an amazing gift the camp experience is for these girls. I wish my sweet little girl could spend her entire life living in the camp bubble. Living in a community that requires kindness. A community that prays together 6 times a day! A community centered on glorifying God by loving each other!  

What an amazing perspective must be gained by living in such a bubble. What an amazing sense of confidence must result. 

To me, it sounds like Heaven for little girls. 
And after visiting on opening day, I'd say it looks a bit like Heaven too. 

I have loved these little glimpses into the camp experience. But I can also quite honestly now say: I need to hold my little girl again. 

Need to. 

Only 40 more hours. 

But who's counting. 

Until then, these shots of her precious smiling face will have to do. 

Have you sent your child(ren) off to camp before? If so, how did it change him or her . . . and you?

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