Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another weepy mom post.

It's that time of year again. 

The time of year when moms all across America post pictures of their darling off-spring with sappy-sweet sentiments about how time flies so fast. 

I'd prefer to sit here and lovingly joke about those moms whose cannot let go of their {most likely} ill-mannered children and enjoy the freedom that comes with dropping them at school for 7 straight hours!  

I'd like to write that post. 

It would be funny. 

And you would laugh. 

And I do love making you laugh.

But, alas, I can't write that post. 

I do not yet have enough distance between me and precisely those sappy-sad thoughts. In fact, I am that mom. 

You see . . . 

{wait for it}  

they are just growing so fast! 

I simply cannot believe I have kids in 3rd grade

Wasn't it just yesterday they were holding onto my apron strings yoga pants and asking me to "hold you?" {They always said "hold you?" instead of "hold me" because, I suppose, it was what I'd ask them with outstretched arms. Isn't that crazy-cute?}

And we had such an amazing summer. I enjoyed wonderful, quality time with both of them. One-on-one. It was utterly bewildering to see how their little personalities morph into lovely little people when alone with me. They are both so well-spoken, and thoughtful, and all-together darling {when not piercing the other's skin with . . . oh, you name the item du jour}.

"But, it's just third grade" you say, "aren't you over it and ready for a break?"

"Well apparently not." I'm forced to admit. 

You see I've spent the better part of my first two days of new-found "freedom" wondering how we could possibly go from here . . . 

First day of school 2006
to here . . . 
First day of school 2011
in the blink of an eye.

And how to make it all stop happening so fast.

Any suggestions?

Or maybe just a funny sad-mom joke to cheer me up a bit?

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