Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa via video.

Last year my kids received personalized Santagrams from the North Pole. The letters were over three pages long and very detailed. The envelope had a North Pole postmark and all sorts of unique stamps. It all looked quite authentic even to my eyes. Yes, I spent a small fortune, but it was worth every penny. The kids were simply elated as they read their respective letters over and over and over again.

And then over and over and over again when Daddy came home that evening. 

And as intended, the letters did indeed reinforce their beliefs in Santa {despite the fact that he did not produce a "real" fairy last year}. So much so, in fact, that in Boy Genius's letter to Santa this year he specifically requests that Santa send a letter like last year. 

I previously assumed the small fortune spent on fancy letters from Santa would be a one time thing. But he specifically asked. So what's a mom to do? 

Sadly, though, when I attempted to locate my darling Santagram website I could not. I checked my blog post from last year and noted the pictures are now blank and the link broken. Pish posh. Santagrams certainly could not have stopped accepting a small fortune for a personalized {fill in the blank} form letter?!? 

Regrettably, though, I can find no traces of the Santagram we loved so much. And clearly, another version of a Santagram would only raise {already somewhat raised} eyebrows.

No, that won't do. 

But a personalized Santa video . . . now that just may work. 

It is, after all, 2011. 

And Santa is very savvy. 

He's utilizing social media. 

And I believe this changes it up just enough to still thrill and delight. 

So tomorrow my darling duo will find a personalized video in their respective email inboxes. 

I'm fairly certain they will watch the videos again and again and again.

And then show them to Daddy when he arrives home from work.

Are you ready for the best part: The video from the Portable North Pole is FREE {to watch, though you may purchase an actual keepsake video}

I saved so much money on Cyber-Monday that I really need to start working on my own Christmas list!

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