Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids Talkin' Turkey

What makes a great Thanksgiving Day celebration?

According to my kids it's cookies {not just any cookies, of course, but the turkey cookies we make each year}, turkey, and pumpkin bread!

When other bloggers began posting and linking videos of their darling little kids talkin' turkey I was reluctant to participate.

My kids are super cute.


But, I assumed they would get all nerdy and go on and on about the actual details of the first thanksgiving.

And who wants to see that.

Besides me.

Smiling proudly.

Truly, when considering whether to even shoot this video, I was reticent because I anticipated my 8 year olds would come off as too smart and/or polished for a kids talkin' turkey video. 

While you're watching I'll just sit back and enjoy my slice of humble pie. 


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