Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pin it.

I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't share my latest love, Pinterest, with you.

You can find anything on Pinterest. 



It's a lovely amalgamation of ideas and design and
food and fashion and typography and {fill in the blank}.

Simply everything.

And you can create "boards" on which you "pin" whatever you like.

For example, a few of my "pins".

Dinner inspiration. 

We actually had this salad tonight. And it is delish!

Mom of the Year props.

I brought these to school for my duo's birthday {their mascot is an owl - huge hit}.

Source: None via Anette on Pinterest

Crafty inspiration. 

I think this is so darling. I will never in a million years
accomplish this simple task, but just in case . . . . 

Source: via AmyEatLiveLaugh on Pinterest

Simple Solutions.

Seriously, why have I never thought of that.
The mess under my desk neither tidy nor labeled.

Brilliant - aloe ice cubes to soothe sunburns.

Source: via katyka on Pinterest

Fashion inspiration. 

Mom uniform 101:
Add sweater and jewelry to jeans and t-shirt.
Instant chic.

Source: via Maddie on Pinterest

As well as humorous anecdotes and quotes galore!

Source: via AmyEatLiveLaugh on Pinterest

Source: via Anne Sara on Pinterest


It is a bit overwhelming and intoxicating. 

But in such a lovely picturesque way. 

So, what will you pin first?

And, of course, follow me there too {
so I can keep up with your newest obsessions!

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