Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Online invitations. Or not.

I'm a bit of a stationary snob. 


I said it. 

I have drawers full of personalized note cards. For me. The hubs. And my duo. Yes, my duo has personalized note cards. They have since birth. That's just how I roll. And I insist they write thank you notes. I do not always like what the write (e.g., "Thank you for the presents" seems a little lacking), but we have a few years to perfect this craft. The point is that they are in the habit of writing notes.

Even with my old-fashioned tendencies, however, I believe there is a time a place for online invitations and notes. Many events do not require a formal invitation or response. {And yes, I realize I sound like a grandma when I say that.}

I suppose I'm simply trying to justify sharing a new great site with you without also contributing to the death of the paper invitation and note. 

I have a reputation to protect. 

But here's the thing, Cocodot both prints invitations and allows you to send online invitations -- win - win!

Additionally, you can:
Efficiently manage responses & communicate with guests;
Post invitations, greetings and comments to social networks;
Add your own music; and
Upload logos and photos.

And the selection is darling and quite diverse.

And if all that were not enough, they recently added a voice feature, so you can have your child sing “Happy Birthday” to their grandparent … or whomever is deserving of a special treat!  

Cue sobbing grandparent now.

Happy Birthday card with voice

I can only imagine the possibilities!

And for those of us who have not yet purchased Mother's Day cards, this could not come at a better time!! 

Enjoy! And please, do not feel obliged to send me a thank you note.  A comment is thank you enough!

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