Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Iomoi's done it again.

I have previously confessed that I have a crush on 
or, some would say, an obsession with all things Iomoi

What can I say? 

They simply speak my language. They seem to know exactly what 
I need before I am even aware how desperately I need it.  

Such is indeed the case with their new jute bags with leather handles

Did they know I have a tendency to purchase smart bags in quantity? 

Are they aware of my love for all things jute? 

Or do they simply know I am a sucker for thoughtful details like 
laminating the inside of a bag so it works for the pool and beach? Or making 
sure the handles have an eight inch drop so it fits perfectly over my shoulder. 

How do they do it? 

And which one shall I choose? 



Or Olive?

Oh, of course they knew that would be my problem and offer the perfect solution: 
a three pack {which discounts the price per bag}. 


What new product do you adore this summer? 

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