Monday, May 16, 2011

Mindless Monday.

Yes, Mindless Monday.  

It may be a new feature.  

Because it is indeed Monday morning as I type and I feel as I have indeed lost my mind.  

This is the kids' penultimate week of school. 
And I cannot wait for the lazy days of summer. 

I need a day to lounge, perhaps read a book or just marvel at a chair covered in balloons.  
I kid you not. 

via Hip Lip
"There is a joy that happens when people meet familiar materials like a balloon used in a different way. The intellectual barrier melts and emotions come forward." 

Given that my intellectual barrier does seem to have melted away, 
I think this the perfect piece for me. 

Can someone do a DIY video tutorial for this?  
When my mind returns I think I would give it a whirl! 

By Pini Lebovich. Part of the "Happy Material" series 
displayed at the Cooper Hewitt Museum NYC.

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