Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moms of multiples are freaks of nature

I have no problem talking about my bout with infertility. I did indeed require medical intervention to conceive my duo. But I can talk freely about it.


At the time, however, it was a very raw and exposed nerve. I did not want to talk about it. And I certainly could not understand why everyone felt comfortable asking me about it. So insensitive. Especially those who already had babies {sorry, but just having a baby was insensitive at the time}. The smug and condescending comments sent me over the edge -- all you need is just a good bottle of wine!

Once my duo arrived, however, I beamed. Until, that is I realized every set of eyes was on me. As if I were some circus freak. Twins, folks. Just two babies. Lots of people have them.

I literally began to feel eyes on the back of my head everywhere we went. And the questions!!!  Oh my there were so many, many inappropriate questions from total strangers.

My BFF finally gave me a stock answer for inappropriate questions of any variety:  "Why do you ask . . . ?"

Why do you ask how I conceived my children?

Why do you ask if I had to use infertility drugs?

Why do you ask if they are natural?

Why do you ask how many IVF cycles it took?

Nearly eight years later, it is now all quiet humorous. The nerve is no longer exposed. Or raw. And the twins are now less readily identifiable as twins {seems strange, but two 7-year olds running about does not cause anyone to look twice}.

This animation, however, brought it all flooding back. The questions. The inappropriate commentary. The feeling like a freak.

Luckily this time the tears streaming down my face were accompanied by laughter. Full belly laughter!

Disclaimer: I'm not certain if this is an inside joke. Maybe you have to have twins to appreciate it. I'm not sure, but it certainly struck accord with this freak of nature!

Disclaimer #2: If you do not yet have kids and are dealing with infertility, this most certainly is not funny. But I hope it is for you one day very soon.

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