Thursday, January 20, 2011

Introducing . . .

Fritz Chili-Pepper

The newest member of our traveling circus. 

He is a wittle bitty guy. 

Until he is barking at 4:00 AM.  

At which point he has the lungs of a great dane. 

The kids adore him. 

Except when he bites them with his razor sharp teeth. 

They take it personally. 

He is just playing. 

And, of course, he has to play with the kids because the other dogs still 
look at him in complete disbelief. 

Disbelief that I would ruin their lives so completely by allowing the house to be infiltrated by a two pound terror who jumps on them, bites their ears and sleeps in their beds. 

I occasionally share in their disbelief. 

Last night he peed in Little Miss Thang's bed at precisely 8:30 -- bedtime. 
But don't worry, I don't mind changing the sheets and doing a another load of laundry. 

Of course, while I was changing the sheets he poo'd in my Little Guy's room.

As if my evening is not hectic enough with the hubs traveling.

But, I remind myself: 

I willingly took this on myself. 

There is no one to blame but me. 

But really, this would be so much easier if there were someone, anyone to blame. 
And when he curls up in my lap and sleeps {as he is right now} I wonder:

How could I ever be mad at this wittle bitty morsel of preciousness?


Why in the world was I up at 5:00AM so he could be asleep again at 5:30AM?!?!??!

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