Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Other than our advent chain, and the time spent together as a family, decorating our annual Gingerbread House is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

In the past few years we've gone from houses that look like this:

and this 

to this 

I remember being impressed by that house.  

There was a plan. 

A method. 

Careful consideration. 

Of course, then I saw this.
and vowed to never again control or plan a gingerbread house. 
By looking for inspiration I have officially thwarted my inspiration. 
The bar is simply too high {yes, I've said it before: 

So, this year the kids can run amuck with the gingerbread house. 

There will be no plan. 

No method. 

No careful consideration. 

Have at it kids. 

Make a mess and eat yourselves silly. 

{image via Martha Stewart}

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