Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paper dolls for me!

I'm generally the last one to the party and I'm certain that is the case with Polyvore too! But I discovered it today and am in LOVE! The ability to shop and create my very own virtual idea board is fabulous!!!  I'm not generally this self or fashion obsessed, but it is very fun -- like paper dolls for adults!

I could not find the perfect frock for my darling Kate Spade beauties {that is without looking like a candy shop exploded}, so I decided a more neutral tone is in order (black being my most common neutral).

Being a child of the 70s, I'm really loving the Halston Heritage 70s vibe. I'm a Milly girl through and through, but I'm being swayed by the timeless Studio 54 glamour! Of course, the lace overlay trend is hot too!

Let's just assume I could afford anything and would look absolutely fabulous in any silhouette. And as for what's appropriate given the tone of the evening? I say: anything goes! Its' my night, right?!

Which strikes the right balance -- 40 but fun!?

Milly Metallic lace shift dress
$400 -
Shift dress »

Twin Set Lace Dress
$195 -
Slip dress »

Halston Heritage Metallic lam
$207 -
Knit tops »

Crystal Star Cuff
$138 -
Crystal jewelry »

Daisy Filigree Long Earrings
127 EUR -
Filigree earring »

Mahalia Cuff
$100 -
Oval jewelry »

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