Monday, December 13, 2010

Gunky no more!

As they say: necessity {or possibly, frustration} is the mother of all invention. I have a hunch some mother spent one too many hours on the extraordinary feat of getting gunk out of her children's BPA-free drinking bottle before designing this ingenious product! 

Most of us clean narrow-necked BPA-free bottles with a combination of despair and ingenuity, involving multi-step processes that include everything from simply scrubbing mold off caps to shaking a combo of lentils and dish soap. No matter how hard you try, a well-used water bottle—filled regularly with coffee and smoothies and tossed in gym bags or the backseat of cars—can develop a funky aroma and thriving bacterial growth.

The Alex Bottle, however, makes cleaning the bottle a breeze. The cap and lower half of the bottle detach and are dishwasher-friendly. Simply unscrew the bottle apart and stack it next to plates and silverware. The modular design also makes it easier to swap out tops and halves for when you want a smaller or larger bottle with mix-and-match colors. When it's empty, the bottle can pack inside itself for saving space in your bag or purse. 

Ummm, in a word: brilliant!  I just love when creative minds make my life easier! And what a fabulous stocking stuffer for the kids {or me!}.

Up next: a sports top and a sippy cup attachment for kids.

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