Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family photo.

It's September -- the official beginning of Fall. A month filled with brisk mornings and turning leaves.  Unless, that is, you live in Texas and then, no groundhog required, you are doomed to two more months of Summer. 

And I mean S-U-M-M-E-R!

And while the rest of the country may have put away their linen and white skinnies, wearing breathable, light-colored fabrics is simply a matter of survival when the temps still climb near 100. 

All that said, as soon as Labor Day passes I begin wistfully imagining turning leaves and brisk breezes. With such beautiful imagery filling my mind I immediately, in a very Pavlovian dog sort of way, begin planning our Christmas card photo. 

I know. 

I am that mom

Really, are you surprised?!

I painstakingly plan it beginning in September. Pictures are taken in October. Cards designed in November. Posted the second week of December. No, not the first - though they are ready - the second week in December once the halls are decked and stockings hung.

So here's my idea board at the moment: 

Family Photo

Family Photo by eatlivelaugh featuring leopard print flats

This is simply inspiration, friends. Do not click through and look at the price of those earrings. It's insane {no Hubs, this is not a wish list of any sort. you make the money, I spend it - remember?!}.

So do tell:  

Are you compulsive enough to begin planning your holiday cards in September?  

Are you willing to clad your family in wool despite the blazing October heat so you can get a good holiday photo?

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