Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big hole.

The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is stop digging. Of course, that still leaves you in a pretty big hole.

Today Boy Genius found himself in just such a hole.

The specifics of the story are not important, but I asked Boy Genius to call his father and ask him a particular question. He took the phone and left the room. When he returned I asked what the Hubs said and he recited their conversation. 

Minutes later the Hubs called . . . after missing a call.

Me: "So you didn't just talk to Boy Genius?"

Hubs: "No.  I just had a missed call from you."
If you are a phone / tech savvy kid and intend to lie about a conversation with your father you should:
(a) not place a call to him at all,
(b) call him and talk about something else, or
(c) call him and leave the blatant "missed call" message on his phone so he immediately phones your mother and completely busts you. 
If you answered (a) or (b) you are on your way towards a wonderful future as a master manipulator! 
If, however, you chose (c), well, please return your "Liar, Liar pants on fire card" immediately - you are simply not cut out for the club. 
After speaking with the Hubs to ensure there was no confusion on my part I went upstairs and offered Boy Genius an opportunity to pull himself out of the hole he'd dug. 

Me:  "Is there anything you want to tell me? Anything you feel bad about need to get off your chest?"

BG:  "Nope."

Me:  "I just spoke to your father.  Anything you want to share?"

BG:  "No."

Still digging.

If you are a blatantly caught in a lie you should:
(a) fall at your mother's feet and beg for forgiveness,
(b) cry and explain that you've never felt so ashamed, or
(c) unabashedly act as if nothing has gone amiss. 
If you answered (a) or (b) you know how to work the system - it's nearly as if you are old enough to have lived through the Bill Clinton years and actually learn something from it! 
If, however, you chose (c) you deserve your punishment. 
Boy Genius's class is currently discussing idioms. Tonight he learned a new one: As you make your bed; so must you lie on it. 

Have your children started lying? How exactly do we {yes, another idiom} nip this in the bud?!

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