Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm ready to make it official.

It wasn't long ago: only two years have passed since our relationship began. Before I personally took the leap, I was slightly intrigued by my friends' fancy phones. I mused that it would morph me into the organized person I've never been. I dreamt about always having a camera handy to catch those fleeting childhood moments. But I was still quite happily carrying a dumb phone. 

Because I didn't need all that. 

My friends and the hubs all had iPhones. They spent all day and night it seems swiping the fancy touch screen. They took pictures of their food at dinner and posted it to Facebook 15 seconds later. They could not so much as grab a cup of coffee without first checking with their phone for permission. 

It was, in a word, annoying. 

I vowed I would never be that obsessed or dependent. 

I was certain I would still carry on normal conversations without staring at my phone and only nodding to the person standing in front of me. 

I could certainly handle all the glitz with grace. 

And for at least a year I was a nonchalant, unobtrusive smart phone owner. 

But oh, how the mighty have fallen.  

I am now completely codependent. 

I cannot stop at a light without checking my emails. I not only occasionally sleep with my phone {my alarm clock app is one of my favorites}, but I won't even run with my iPod. It seems so silly to just carry my music with me on my run when I can have it all!!! 


And to top it off, I also talk to my phone. Not on my phone to a real person, but to Siri. I have Siri jot down notes when I'm in a rush. I ask her homework questions when my duo and I are away from the house. Today I asked Siri a question in Sunday school.  In Sunday school.  

You might think this would be a lovely time to suggest a 10 step plan or withdrawal program. 

But no, far from parting with my beloved phone; I plan to take the relationship to the next level. 

During my two years of smartphone ownership I have been quite understated in my cover choices. It was merely a utilitarian choice and a solid color would suffice. 

As our relationship has progressed, though, I really do think it's time to officially make my mark. You know, like Brangelina getting engaged after seven years together and six children later -- it's simply time to make the commitment for all the world to see.

I began the search for a more personal cover choice and quickly discovered that every designer on God's green earth now designs iPhone covers. There are enough choices out there to absolutely boggle your mind. 

But they all feel so impersonal. So trite. Nothing was exactly what I wanted. 

So much like Brad picking out a engagement ring for Angelina, I decided to go completely custom. 

Thankfully, Kodak Gallery allows you complete control over the design process. I may not take the year Brad took to design Angie's ring, but I have spent more late nights than I am willing to admit tinkering around with various designs. 

I started with the obvious:  a family photo. 
They are super cute, no doubt, but I also thought a more personal option might suit my tastes. I have a thing for ikats and chevrons so I created a few other options using only my very rudimentary Powerpoint skills.  

Truly, the options are limited only my your imagination {or in my case, computer skills}. I secretly have my favorite but I'm still not 100% certain. Little Miss Thang is campaigning for the family picture.

Which do you think I should choose? And what would you design for yourself? Hop over to Kodak Gallery and take a look around. Upload a few pictures and see how simple they make it to take that very personal next step with your phone! 

Thank you
for generously sponsoring my next step! 

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