Friday, April 27, 2012

Stars in the sky.

I had a beautiful post in mind for today. Big plans. Big beautiful plans. 

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a few electrical issues that take priority. My contractor is on his way and will shut off power to the entire house while he *fingers-crossed* fixes our wiring issues. Have I mentioned how much I love our 90 year old house?!? 

Suffice to say, time is of the essence.

But I have been thinking recently of lost loved ones. It is, for whatever reason, heavy on my heart and mind. And probably my hub's heart this week. And so, in lieu of the post swirling in my head, I offer a sweet little graphic I encountered. 

Source: via AmyEatLiveLaugh on Pinterest

Some days I'll take any little glimmer of my lost loves I can get whether it's a butterfly, a look in my son's eyes, a penny discovered on the ground, or the stars in the sky. 

Any little glimmer. 

I hope your weekend is filled with glimmer, hope and abundant blessings!


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