Monday, February 6, 2012

This game called Life.

My duo loves a good video game. 

Actually, I think they love all video games {they really are not that picky}. 

We do, of course, monitor their exposure and limit their screen time. But we also believe that technology is a language in and of itself and one in which we hope they develop fluency. {side note: I add this out of mommy guilt  / fear of mommy judgment - it in no way adds to or explains the story.}


The games which currently pique their interest are becoming more and more complicated. There are multiple levels which become increasingly challenging. 

My duo playing side by side. 
Little Miss Thang, who normally dominates their twin existence, often asks her brother for assistance getting  past particular obstacles or challenges. She becomes quite frustrated when she does not swiftly succeed or progress. 

It pains her, I'm sure, but he is always happy to oblige - thankful for the opportunity to shine. 

I love watching these interactions. 

And truly, it is a good thing for the balance of power to occasionally shift. 

A very good thing. 

Last week we were waiting for gymnastics to start. She was playing on my phone. But suddenly stopped. Looked at me with an eerie intensity and asked: 
"Is life a game and each year a new level?" 
Neither of us spoke for what seemed like an eternity as the immensity of that concept permeated our thinking. 

Immediately a plethora of thoughts began swirling about in my head -- yes it does some days feel like that -- getting through the day, each stage, each year. It does feel like the bar in life is constantly raised. Just when you get comfortable with one challenge you are presented with another. And then another. Some levels or stages present more challenging obstacles than others. Some are easy to surpass and many are quite frustrating. And it does indeed seem that some people have a natural penchant for the game. 

I attempted to rein in my thoughts so I could formulate a suitable response. I realized it was time to dispense some extrospective morsel of wisdom. 

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, she beat me to it when she concluded: 
"Probably not, because no matter what, you cannot lose at life."
Well said my sweet girl. 

Well said. 

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