Thursday, February 23, 2012


The irony of following My Boyfriend post with one about Lent is not lost on me. Maybe it is because of My Boyfriend post that I feel obliged to share a bit of my less lustful side. 

Because I'm not all about fast cars and tattooed men. 

If you've always wondered about Ash Wednesday, Lent, or why some of us walk around with crosses on our forehead for a day, take a look at this very simplistic video.  I think it aptly summarizes the significance of the ashes {we are not wearing our religion on our sleeve - or in this case forehead - but are acknowledging our sin and need for repentance} and the season of Lent {a time for fasting, praying and giving}. 

My kids talked about giving something up this year for Lent. Little Miss Thang suggested chocolate {gasp} and Boy Genius considered his 3DS {video game}. But then they realized their birthday falls during Lent as does a family vacation. Little Miss Thang wants chocolate cake pops for her birthday and Boy Genius could not imagine a plane flight without his 3DS. 

I wanted encourage the sacrifices but also saw their points. 

And I have never believed that Lent is all about giving up something. 

Though I know that is a popular notion. 

Truly, for me it is more about being introspective, exercising humility and acknowlding my reliance on God. 

So as for me and my family, we decided we would keep our chocolate and our video games. Instead, we plan to use this season to practice humility by speaking only nice words {now that is a challenge for my duo}. By loving each other more and criticizing less {a-hem - a tad challenging at times}. By focusing on what we have. Not what we want {constant challenge}. And by cleansing our hearts and minds of pettiness.

Yes, giving up chocolate and video games would be a challenge, but I do not think it would impact our lives quite as much as simply focusing on what is and what is not important in our daily worlds. 

You may think this sounds like a cop-out. And maybe it is.

But my hope is that we can form a habit or two that will last long after Easter.

Do you or your families have any specific Lenten practices?

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