Monday, February 20, 2012

My boyfriend.

I played coy last time I extolled the praises of The Voice. The show truly is inspirational. I believe I was quite clear in that regard. I did not, however, come clean about my other motivation for watching:  I'm in love with Adam Levine.

And this spread in Architectural Digest only deepens my belief that in some alternate I'm-married-to-a-rock-star universe we were meant to be together.


A Porsche 356 has always been my dream car. Though I've never been able to justify a six-figure two-seater. Darn kids {as if they are the reason I've never spent over $100k on a car}.

My primary residence {a-hem, or only} is quite traditional, but mid-century modern is exactly how I'd furnish a 1940s Hollywood Hills home too! And who doesn't love a man confident enough to prominently display a purple velvet sofa?! Swoon. 

I've also always wanted a black room -- a black lacquered study with a lucite desk and lime green accents. Red accents work too. And baby grand pianos. And lots and lots of guitars. Swoon.

The rosewood details in living room and kitchen just scream my name.  


Hear it?  Screaming my name.  

And the minimalist kitchen is perfect, because clearly, a private chef is preparing healthy meals while we practice yoga in the studio {Not pictured, of course, because we like our privacy}. 

And I'm extremely flattered to see that he already framed my portrait bedside right between his other idols: Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, and Curt Cobain.

When watching The Voice live follow me {@amyeatlivelaugh} and #TheVoice on Twitter. It is a bit manic, but really adds to the experience! 

And, of course, I'm also following @adamlevine

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