Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Caught Santa.

I absolutely love this. The lies are mounting and I currently have only a slight hold left on the Santa myth. This, however, is the icing on a beautiful Christmas cake -- a photo of Santa leaving a gift in our very own house. No, I'm not hiring a crazy man to pose in the middle of the night, I discovered …

i caught santa picture

Absolutely brilliant!

In three easy steps anyone can upload a photo taken inside their home, add Santa Claus…

Santa poses

… and then print it or share it on Facebook or Twitter!

The kids are going to flip!

icaughtsanta photo

If you create one yourself share it on my Facebook fan page.  You'll find mine there on Christmas day.

To make this even sweeter, I have a 50% off code just for you! Enter: SANTA50 and get your entire order half price! There’s nothing “naughty” about that deal.


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