Thursday, September 22, 2011

My two great loves together at last.

My love for obsession with chocolate is well documented on the pages of this blog. If you require proof of this fact or if you'd like to bring yourself up to date on my past chocolate musings you can read about it here, here, here, and if you are still interested, here.

{I'll wait.}

If you are not salivating yet, you may not be interested in reading further.

All others, please continue.  

While not well documented on these pages, my IRL (in real life) friends know wine also tops my list of worthy indulgences. But not just any wine. As with my chocolate, I prefer my wine rich and dark {no comment on my men}. Yes, it is quite unusual to find me sipping a pinot grigio. I generally prefer a Cabernet. Or, if it's a particularly hot day, a chilled Pinot Noir. 

I am not, however, one to wax poetic about wine's nose or legs. I generally do not refer to it as woodsy or brawny. And it is unlikely I will describe wine as fleshy or smoky. Maybe I am not that refined or maybe I simply don't want to come across as yet another under-educated wine snob. Whatever the case, I enjoy wine. Often. 

So now you have the background to understand how the marriage of my two favorite indulgences would make me leap for joy.


I may have even squealed.

Ok, I did.

I squealed and jumped for joy.

I considered a cartwheel.

But quickly regained my composure before the neighbors began to wonder.

Without further adieu, I introduce to you Red Wine Chocolate Cake from Smitten Kitchen.

Please tell me you are squealing now too!?

Cartwheels optional.

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