Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My morning commute.

Because my kids attend a charter school {opposed to a neighborhood school}, I actually drive them to the bus stop each morning. Seems silly, I realize. But my darling duo likes riding the bus. I believe it is the sole reason I was able to convince them to leave the safe cocoon of our private school to journey into the world of public school. 

And so I wake up fifteen minutes early each day so I can drive my kids to the bus stop {yes, they will inevitably hear about this for years to come}. It is only about a mile away, though, and I get a nice view of the sun rising over the bay each day. 

Now that we have a few weeks of school under our proverbial belt, I am able to tell by the sun's position on the horizon if we will be on time for the bus or if we should cross our fingers and hope the bus is a few minutes late. 

On time. 


Both photos were taken with my iPhone. 
I should lie and say I was safely stopped at a stop sign. 
But you know better -- I was racing to get to the bus stop on time! 

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