Monday, July 26, 2010

Cup 'o Joe.

I know, I know, I am in paradise and blogging about coffee. Well, the roosters woke me up again, albeit at the almost decent hour of 7am.  Kevin is out exercising and the kids are still asleep, so here I am -- stuck in a room and reading the 5 million emails I've ignored over the past 7 days.

And believe me, I am journaling about our trip and will share it with you at an appropriate time.  I simply haven't the time to put it into blog form yet. Truth be told, I still need to gather my thoughts, let them sit and marinate a bit, before I can share them. Paradise, as it turns out, is amazing and overwhelming. My senses are all on high alert.  I am simply exhausted by taking in every little facet of paradise.  So, instead of sharing all that with you, I give you a nice coffee reference chart. Just in case you wondered.

via design*sponge.


Ali said...

honest to goodness, i was going to leave you smart alec comment about "how did you know, it's just what i wanted..." but, LUCKILY for me, i looked at it first - and son of a gun if i haven't always wondered what the blasted difference is between cappuccinos and lattes. so seriously, thanks! (and so glad i didn't have to eat my words - AGAIN.)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Ali- I appreciate your sarcastic thought! I too tend towards smart ale remarks. But yes, the little chart is honestly helpful for those of us with a little coffee confusion.

Ali said...

and, it makes me proud to know i've been making myself a "latte" all these many mornings. it sounds so much better than "coffee with a ridiculous amount of milk."

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