Saturday, July 31, 2010

At home.

Today we woke up, had a leisurely breakfast.  We played cards (still all in our jammies).  We changed into our swimsuits just before lunch.  Leisurely, indeed.  We then moved our lounge act to the pool.  We played a game of Marco Polo and then Sharks and Minnows.  We all read our respective books/magazines by the pool for another hour.  So, in all, our day has been like any other Saturday at home.  Completely unexceptional.  Except we are still here in paradise.  But there has clearly been a shift.  In all the past 14 days we never spent an entire day at the resort.  But now we are so perfectly comfortable and content in paradise that we can spend the entire day doing nothing much at all.  Perfectly at a home and perfectly sated by all our amazing experiences.

So, I suppose it is time to pack it up before I start acting like a local and complaining about the heat -- high of 83 is still not hot to me.  I have the distinct feeling, however, that the Texas heat will feel like home again much too soon!

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