Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obligatory Halloween pics.

I'm not in much a writing mood lately as you might have noted. It ebbs and flows and truly when I'm not in the mood, you don't want to read my writing. 

You're welcome. 

But, obligatory Halloween pics are in order. They are too funny not to share. And sweet Jody asked {her son donned a similar costume}.

Without further adieu {because remember, I'm not in a writing mood}, I present Little Miss Thang and her bestie as Thing 1 and Thing 2 . . . with a twist. Little Miss Thang is Thing 2, which is important to note because . . . . ?! This is why I should not be writing at all.  Geesh. 

Pictured below is Boy Genius, Little Miss Thang and Hi-Ho. Hi-Ho will one day be Boy Genius's wife. He doesn't know this yet. Nor does she. But, in time, they will appreciate the genius behind this pairing {despite the seven year age difference}. And obviously, there is a large dowry involved because Boy Genius is such a great catch.  

Feel free to also note my rotted pumpkins. Absolutely disgusting. Or, perchance, spooky given that I otherwise failed to decorate much at all. Apparently I'm not in a decorating mood either.  

Despite my obvious apathy, I truly hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

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