Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life lessons from Pinterest.

I joined Pinterest what seems like eons ago -- back when an invitation {albeit clearly not an exclusive one} was required. Since such time I've pinned well over 1,000 images to my 40 boards

In the beginning my pinning was fairly pointless and misdirected {witness my J'adore board - j'adore indeed, but what's the point}. As I've honed my pinning skills and limited my pinning time, however, I've become quiet adept at pinning that which I will use or refer back to and skipping over those items which belong on a crafty person's pin board. 

As I scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll though the images pinned by those I follow, a few consistent themes emerge: beyond the gorgeous home interiors and luxury travel destinations there seem to be a few other commonalities unifying the world of pinners. 

Top ten things I've learned from Pinterest: 

1. I am the only person in America who does not own a crockpot. 

I'm sure I'd love the meals you cook in the crockpot, but when I was young and returned home from school to the smell of dinner simmering in a crockpot I quickly sought out a dinner invitation to a friend's.  Ewwww. 

2. People are seriously devoted to obsessed with Nutella.

I'm a serious chocoholic, but Nutella just doesn't do it for me.

3. Women are inspired by images of semi-naked twenty-year old women.

Not me - those images remind me I will never, ever look like that {wish I could add "again"}.

4.  Chicken:  it's what's for dinner.

Here too.  And thank goodness for the 5,345 chicken images I've now pinned. 

5.  Armed only with blue Dawn, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, you can clean absolutely anything in your house.

 I admit, or rather, my housekeeper will attest: my homemade dawn/vinegar potion works better than any store-bought cleaner. 

6. There is a conspiracy among bento box mothers {you know who you are} to make sandwich mothers {sheepishly raising hand} feel insignificant and lazy. 

It's working.

7. I am the only mother in America who has not fallen prey to the Elf on the Shelf.

 Call me lazy if you must, but who needs one more thing to remember around the holidays!?

8. People cannot stop themselves from pinning cute kitty images.

An intervention may be in order.

9.  Keep Calm and _________________ {fill in the blank}.

Your imagination is your only limitation. Or not. 

10.  It doesn't matter if it's 5:00 anywhere; women love their wine. 

all images via Pinterest

Cheers and happy pinning!

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