Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Detox Diaries.

As many of you are aware, on October 1st I began a 10-day Fall Renewal Detox. Part of my detox journey involved journaling. I've never been much of a journaler - ironic coming from a blogger, right?!  - but here's my attempt at capturing the ups and downs of the last 10 days. 

a typical lunch
Detox Day 1: 

Why can I not stop thinking about pizza?!?  I don't eat pizza everyday so why in the world am I completely obsessed with counting the hours until I can eat pizza again? 

Detox Day 2: 

OMGoodness, I must be pregnant. This is exactly how I felt pregnant -- nauseous all day long. Of course I am completely infertile so that can't be it. Oh no, and now a headache on top of it. Coach says my body is working hard to rid itself of all the built-up toxins. But it's only day two! It's not as if one day of healthy eating is so novel it would throw my body for a loop.  Okay, maybe it is.  

Detox Day 3: 

Better. I can breathe again. And turn on lights. Yea! I'm feeling much better but nonetheless spend all day dreading dinner: brussel sprouts {which I love but which do not constitute dinner in and of themselves}.

Detox Day 4: 

I'm totally rocking this detox program. No big deal. I'm over the hump, feel great, and am not even hungry. Why don't more people detox? I even attended my book club {read: wine fest} and didn't eat or drink a single bite. Easy peasy. When a friend asked what I ate when I had a sweet tooth, I replied, with a straight face: I just grab a raisin or two. Who am I?

Detox Day 5: 

Who's idea was this? I am a nauseous, grumpy, gassy old lady. Bedtime cannot come soon enough. And it's only noon. Dark, dark day.

Detox Day 6: 

Feeling good again. Please tell me I'm over the hump!?!?  Please!!!  We are headed out of town for just a night. I am forced to cook {using every pot and pan I own} all meals prior to departure. I am so tired of my stinkin' kitchen! But getting out of the house is good. Until that is, I find myself sitting at our friends' ranch, enjoying the cool fall air and watching the sun set . . . without a glass of wine. Who does that?! 

Detox Day 7:

So very, very tired {and if you ask the hubs, grumpy}. Maybe I'm dying. Maybe it's not the detox or lack of caffeine. Because I'm over the hump, right?! Maybe I simply cannot live on gluten free oats, quinoa, beans, and kale. Because my body needs PIZZA to survive!

Detox Day 8: 

I've sworn off beans. The gassiness was making me manic. Yes, it was the beans. I was not heretofore manic. See, manic people don't say heretofore. NO MORE BEANS!!! Sent hubs and kids out to eat for dinner. I cannot possibly cook one more meal I cannot eat. Or maybe I just wanted them out of the house. It's anyone's guess. 

Detox Day 9:

I feel great. I'm not hungry. I am sleeping soundly and waking before the alarm {miracle of all miracles}. I am not craving anything at all. This was such a wonderful experience. I am going to start cooking three vegan meals / week for our family. Meanwhile as I make this enthusiastic plan, my kids eat sugary cereal for dinner. 

Detox Day 10:

Finally - the detox glow! My skin looks better. I feel better. And - the kicker - I put on a pair of skinny jeans and they are quite loose. Too big, actually. They better be after all this. Of course, the weight loss is temporary . . .  unless I make permanent changes.

And maybe I will, but not tonight because we are all going out for PIZZA {and wine}!     

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