Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Social media slump.

While relaxing in paradise, I had a few quiet moments to ponder my social media affliction. See, as it is, I have no point in having a blog. 

Absolutely no goal. 

I am not trying to generate income or score a book deal. I simply enjoy sharing bits and pieces. Before Pinterest it was a wonderful way to share Internet finds or recipes. Of course, now I can just "pin it." 

And Little Miss Thang is now absolutely mortified every time I pull out my phone. "Are you posting this to Instagram?" she immediately asks.

What am I teaching her about social media and life? 

So, I'm grappling . . . with it all. 

Maybe I'm teaching her how to use on your own terms and, perchance, responsibly?!  


I do still talk to my family after all. 

We have not gone to tweeting or texting each other  . . .  just yet. 

And we spent an amazing amount of time together over the past couple weeks. I may have posted a few pics, but I was otherwise off the social media radar entirely.

And I didn't miss it a bit. 

Maybe that's exactly what I needed to discover:  
I can have a somewhat active social media presence without needing to have an active social media presence. 
And I suppose that's what I want for my kids too. 

It is inevitable that they will have an avid social media life. I hope, though, that I can teach them to make responsible choices in what they do and do not post. I also hope I model the behavior I expect from them -- namely, not  putting digital socializing above a face to face socializing.

Because, right now, I'm enjoying my real life a bit too much to allow much time for a social media life. 

Ebbs and flows, I suppose, just like many other relationships. 

For now, I promise nothing other than remaining horribly inconsistent with posts. But I leave you with this interesting infographic depicting how teens view their digital lives from Common Sense Media.

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