Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim and retrieve.

I had big plans for my day. 

Big blogging plans. 

But my internet was out this morning. 

When it finally returned I realized Blogger would not allow me to add photos to posts. 

I've written the posts {two and counting}.

But I refuse to post said posts without proper imagery. 

My duo is away at "grandparent camp" {something which I highly recommend} so no one requires my attention {though next year I'm considering sending the dogs too}. 

I refuse to clean my house as if I have nothing better to do. 

But what do I do when I have nothing better to do?

Shopping seems so trite and obvious.

Certainly I "do" more than shop {hubs, stop snickering}. 

So I walked out the front door with our lab, sweet Bailey Belle, and headed for a run. 

In the rain. 

The temp was perfect and it was just drizzling. 

At first. 

But it felt good. Very good in fact. 

We ran down to the bay and I spent 20 minutes throwing a piece of driftwood into the bay for Bailey Belle to retrieve. She lit up she was so positively ecstatic. She loves both swimming and retrieving and the two together . . . well, she was born and bred to swim and retrieve. 

And she does so beautifully. 


On our walk back {yes, I only run one direction - wimp}, I thought about how effortlessly our 9-year-old lab swims and retrieves. I reminded myself she was indeed born and bred to do just that. 

Which brings me back to what I "do". 

I raise my kids. 

I serve my community. 

I care for our family. 

I care for my friends. 

Sometimes I am better at each of these at different moments in time. But I realized today, walking along the water, rain dripping off my chin, that I am doing what I too was born and bred to do {though, no, I do not like the way that sounds}. 

I was raised to be compassionate and empathetic {required traits for caring for tender children's psyches}. I was always told I was smart {helps with the inevitable homework and fundraising for schools and charities} and that I could do whatever I wanted to do. 

And I am. 

Having time for "me" in the midst of it all only clarifies how much I do honestly enjoy my own constant swim and retrieve. Yes, the days can be monotonous. Yes, I often complain about yet another load of laundry or trip to the grocery. But I realize too, that it is a blessing. 

A blessing to have the time to talk with my little miss thang after a bad day at school.  

A blessing to bandage up a scraped knee and wipe away the inevitable tears. 

A blessing to share a leisurely lunch with a friend who is having a bad week. 

A blessing to be able to share long {sometimes drunken} evenings over good food and wine with friends.

A blessing to raise money for my duo's school. 

A blessing to be doing exactly what I am doing. 

Now, if only I can make my swim and retrieve look as beautiful and effortless as my sweet Bailey Belle. 


And ha - take that Blogger - a post with no imagery required!

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