Friday, June 15, 2012

Beach Trip Packing List.

Beach Trip

While it is abundantly clear to me from past travels that I actually need very little, I remain utterly incapable of packing sensibly.

This is all I envision needing:  
  • 6 tunics {because they also make the perfect cover-up}, 
  • 3 floppy hats, 
  • 6 maxi dresses {options and my favorite airplane attire}, 
  • every pair of earrings I own, 
  • 6 t-shirts,
  • 3 nicer tops, 
  • 8 pairs of shorts, 
  • 6 swimsuits {all with coordinating surf shorts and / or cover-ups}, 
  • 2 rash guards,
  • a 30lb. beach tote / carry-on {because it is holding my iPad and all my other reading materials, not to mention a million other items I'm tasked with carrying}, 
  • Bernardos in tan, gold and silver, 
  • 2 pair of Haviannas, 
  • an amazing pair of wedges, 
  • 3 pair of children's googles {and yes, I still have only 2 children}, 
  • a first aid kit,
  • reusable grocery bags, 
  • 2 cameras {big and little}, and
  • an absurd amount of sunscreen. 
Does your reality generally fail to match your beautifully organized vision? Please say it's not just me!!

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