Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I love construction.

I am not certain I have mentioned it in this space, but if you follow me on Twitter (@amyeatlivelaugh), you have heard about and / or seen pictures of the construction underway in my home.

We purchased our current home six years ago when our duo was only two. The kids' bathroom, while up-to-date, only had a huge whirlpool tub, not a shower.  When our kids were two and three that was perfect. When they turned four it still worked. For the last few years, though, they have showered in the master bathroom.  Every night. 

We knew it was time to remodel. 

But it's such a pain so we've procrastinated. 

For a few years. 

With a floor project underway downstairs {rendering our 1/2 potty out of service}, our long-awaited bathroom project began. 
downstairs floors coming along {w/a weenie dog inspecting progress}
Of course, the bathroom project is not a simple take-out-the-tub-and-add-a-shower project. No, that's not how we roll. It's a tear-the-walls-and-everything-out-and-start-over project. 

kids' bathroom after demo
We are now a month into the project and are just now beginning to sheetrock. {This is where you start feeling sorry for me}.  

During this time our entire family of four has been relegated to our master bath. And yes, I realize entire generations were raised in houses with just one bathroom. This is a first world problem, no doubt.

And we have adjusted quite well. 

I imagined stressful mornings. I completely resigned myself to "going" last each morning. I had even come to terms with the inevitable cold showers. 

Instead I've been faired much better than expected. 

And the glorious surprise in all of this is:  I now wake-up each morning with one or two kids snuggling in bed with me. It had previously been years since we've all snuggled. They are fairly self-sufficient now and generally get themselves ready and are downstairs before me. But because my bathroom is now their first stop, they come in my room all groggy faced and lay down for a little snuggle. I had not realized how much I missed those early morning moments.  

That is the thing about twins -- it all happens so quickly and then it's gone. You do not get a second chance to savor that time. You scarcely enjoy it before it passes. And then you never see it again {unless, that is, you are brave enough or fertile enough to procreate again}.

So yes, I now love our crazy-messy construction. I love that it has forced us to get back to basics. Yes, mornings are hectic. But when you start you're day off right -- that is, surrounded by the ones you love --  it is much easier to face whatever the day may throw your way.  

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