Friday, April 9, 2010

Newest Obsession.

For Kevin’s birthday we bought him a new cruiser bike and the new SlideHD Flip camcorder. The bike is a big hit, but the new camcorder — the size of a typical point and shoot camera — well it is my new obsession. It is small, it is easy to use, it is in a word, AMAZING!

Seriously – I can take it everywhere. It is on and filming with the flick of a switch. I download it directly to my Mac via a USB connection. Want to upload to Facebook or YouTube. Just click and it’s done. My life with twins is crazy enough. This is precisely the sort of technology that keeps me sane and allows me to capture the precious little moments I love!

Oh, and did I mention you can customize the camera face?!!? We went with circles. Kevin is starting to think this little gift was not really for him after all. Did I mention he also received a cruiser!?

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